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Visit L.A.N.U. Dental for all of your oral and facial needs in West Chester by calling (513) 860-1940 today. Today’s dermal fillers are incredibly safe, volumizing, and beautifying for both men and women. Quality dermal fillers in West Chester, OH, can restore a youthful look to your face where you might naturally lose volume and fat over time.

What Are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers, or injectable implants, help improve the appearance of facial wrinkles and folds in men and women. They’re administered by a certified plastic surgeon or oral and facial specialist. Dermal fillers are FDA approved for many cosmetic and medical purposes.

Many dermal fillers in West Chester, OH, come with side effects, and while serious side effects are rare, they can happen. Swelling is a very common side effect that often fades several weeks after administration, but it can be permanent in some cases.

However, the risk of severe and permanent side effects is very low when FDA-approved dermal fillers are administered by a trustworthy, certified professional.


Botox is a well-known dermal treatment that provides a variety of benefits. Botox is a neurotoxin that causes muscles to relax temporarily. As a result, Botox helps reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles, but it can also treat some muscle-related conditions.

For example, Botox is effective for the treatment of TMJ (or Temporomandibular Joint) disorders. TMJ disorders can cause jaw pain, tension headaches, and in some cases, even lockjaw, which requires treatment by a medical professional.

The injection process for Botox is very similar to normal dermal fillers, though the location of the injection site depends on which condition the injection will treat.


Juvederm is one of the most popular dermal fillers available today and one that L.A.N.U. Dental offers to patients. Juvederm is a surgery-free dermal filler designed for use in the cheeks, laugh lines, lips, and around the eyes. Several varieties of Juvederm exist, including Juvederm XC, Juvederm Voluma, and Juvederm Volbella.

Unlike Botox, Juvederm is a purely cosmetic treatment. While it can help provide a more youthful and sculpted look to your face, it has very few health effects when administered by a professional.

Juvederm is designed to be an incredibly smooth dermal gel, with results that can last for upwards of six months. The Juvederm injection is made from hyaluronic acid, a compound already naturally found in your skin that helps it retain moisture. This feature helps “plump” your skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles even further.

Some tests suggest that Juvederm may have positive long-term effects on your skin, as it may help stimulate your skin to produce more natural collagen.

Combination Treatments

Both Juvederm and Botox can work in concert to restore a truly youthful look to your skin and face. When used together, Botox provides a lifting effect, while Juvederm volumizes and moisturizes your skin. You can speak with a certified specialist for more details.

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