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Keep your family’s smiles shining brightly with L.A.N.U. Dental. Schedule an appointment today at 513-860-1940. Going to the dentist is likely not your family’s favorite group activity. That’s why at L.A.N.U. Dental, your family’s comfort is our priority. Your family’s teeth are as important to us as they are to you, so why trust them with anything less than a top-of-the-line dental practice?

Dr. Nechvatal-Uhelski strives to make her patients feel at ease while delivering the best treatment necessary. Likewise, her blend of traditional and innovative practices sets L.A.N.U. apart from other family dentists in West Chester, OH.

L.A.N.U. Dental takes dental work seriously and makes every effort to get you in and out as quickly and painlessly as possible. While you’re here, our friendly staff will make you feel at home.

Your Family Dental Practice for Dental Exams and Cleanings

Getting your teeth cleaned regularly will prevent gum disease and cavities from arising. Receiving your bi-annual cleaning as a family is just as important as encouraging good hygiene habits in the home. After all, brushing your teeth is as much a learned habit as it is a practiced one.

You will receive a dental exam to check for any ongoing issues during your first visit with us. Next, you’ll receive a standard tooth cleaning for the sake of preventative care.

At the end of the visit, your dentist will provide you with personalized dental hygiene pointers to help you maintain your smile in the future. Schedule your first appointment today and find out why we’re the most trusted family dentist in West Chester, OH.

Dental Fillings and Tooth Extraction

If you need fillings, you may be interested in crowns, inlays, and onlays. Using porcelain, metal, or composite resin, these procedures cover your tooth’s cusp tips discreetly and even make them more robust in the process.

Tooth extractions are sometimes necessary procedures to prevent further damage to your teeth and gum line. We make extractions quick and painless here at L.A.N.U Dental. As soon as we identify the issue, we don’t linger; we take care of the problem before tooth decay can spread.

Sleep Apnea Treatment

Sleep apnea occurs when your tongue, soft palate, and muscles block your airway while you sleep. This leads to oxygen not correctly flowing through your body throughout the night, increasing the chances of heart attack and stroke down the line.

If you have received such a diagnosis, our practice can help you treat the problem with oral appliance therapy. Dr. Nechvatal-Uhelski is trained in sleep medicine and chooses the best, least invasive oral appliance methods to help her patients.

Friendly Dentistry for the Entire Family

When you schedule an appointment with Dr. Nechvatal-Uhelski, you’ll quickly learn why so many of your Ohio neighbors choose her for their family’s dental care.

Book an appointment today when you are ready to see what makes us the best family dental office in West Chester, OH.

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