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Visit L.A.N.U. Dental when you need dentures in West Chester, OH—call (513) 860-1940 for more details. Dentures can be a life-saving solution for those with poor oral health. Whether you’ve lost just a few teeth or all of them, your dentist can create a custom solution that works for you. With the help of a good set of dentures, your smile can once again look and feel its best.

Types of Dentures

Generally, dentures come in two basic varieties: full dentures and partial dentures. As the names imply, full dentures replace all of the teeth in your mouth, while partial dentures work alongside your remaining teeth.

One other type of denture doesn’t properly fit in with the other two types at all, and that’s implant-supported dentures. These dentures sometimes go by other names (such as All-On-4), but in essence, they are partial dentures that your dentist permanently affixes to your jaw, just like implants.

Why Get Dentures?

The main benefit of dentures is the restoration of your original smile. While the hassle involved with wearing removable dentures in West Chester, OH, may seem off-putting, the cleaning and care involved are worth it for many people.

Dentures don’t just bring back your smile and allow you to eat more foods, though. Dentures also stimulate your gums, and in the case of partial dentures, help prevent your remaining teeth from shifting. As long as you care for them properly, they can help boost your overall oral health.

The Dentures Process

The process of creating dentures often takes several weeks. However, the way dentures are made can differ significantly. For the most part, dentures are created in two ways: the conventional way and the immediate way. Your dentist creates conventional dentures after all of your teeth have been removed, and your mouth has healed completely.

On the other hand, immediate dentures are ready as soon as surgery is done since they’re made in advance. However, they sometimes require tweaking over time since your mouth and gums can change shape as they heal.

There are benefits and downsides to both processes. For example, while immediate dentures are ready right away, they may not feel as comfortable as conventional dentures, and you may need a new pair if they don’t properly fit after you heal. Conventional dentures, on the other hand, tend to sit properly in your mouth right away, but you may have to tolerate a lack of teeth for several weeks until they’re ready.

For both types of dentures, your dentist will take impressions of your teeth and jaw, then use those impressions to create models for your new dentures. There may be several iterations before a perfect set of dentures is complete.

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